our story

Glenn and joan Howard


Life Tabernacle began in 1976 in the living room of Bro. Glenn Howard and his wife Joan. In July of that year, facilities were rented at 536 Tennessee NE where the church remained for 3 ½ years. The Howards did the only thing they knew to do to win souls, and that was to teach home Bible studies. During this time Bro. Howard worked as a pharmacist and Sis. Howard taught school. Many Bible studies were taught and several people were won to the Lord.

Eventually the church grew to the point where larger facilities were needed and a commercial building at 1112 S. Carlisle was at first rented and then purchased. This had to be remodeled to suit the needs as a church, and was in an ideal location. Total conversion to a church facility was done over a period of four years, and today serves ideally as a church campus, with plenty of room for teaching Sunday School as well as parking. This was truly a blessing from God.

During the 22 years that Bro. Howard served as pastor several men felt the call to the ministry and several churches were started as a result. Life Tabernacle was able to open a daughter work in Belen, NM which is today a thriving church in its own right, pastored by Bro. J. A. Lovato.

In 1998 Bro. Howard felt he had completed his work at Life Tabernacle and Bro. R.G. Eskridge assumed the pastorate. Sis. Howard passed away in 2017 and Bro. Howard retired to Texas with his second wife, Melody, where he still teaches Bible studies.

He is author of THE KEYS OF THE KINGDOM, a powerful soul-winning Bible study which is used by home missionaries and those on the foreign field.

Ronald and Betty Jean Eskridge


Pastor R.G. and Sister Betty Jean Eskridge moved to Albuquerque after pastoring for 13 years at First United Pentecostal Church in Midland, Texas and 14 years at First Apostolic Church in Centralia, Illinois. Prior to pastoring, he spent eight years evangelizing all throughout the United States and commonly referred to himself as both a “Pastor” and an “Evangelist.”

Sis. Eskridge passed away in 2020 and Pastor Eskridge continued as senior pastor until his passing in 2022.