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Why Apostolic?

Why are there so many religions in the world? What distinctions do Apostolic believers have from other denominations? Do all religions and spiritual paths lead to the same place?

Why Baptism?

Is baptism even necessary? Does it matter how I am baptized? Why the name of Jesus?

Why Church?

What does the Bible say about the "Body of Christ?" Why should I go to church? What about problems in the church?

Why Creation?

What is the Biblical account of Creation? Why is the Biblical understanding of Creation important? What about Evolution?

Why Holiness?

What does it mean to be Holy? How are we made Holy? How do we maintain Holiness? Why would I want to live Holy?

Why Hurt?

Is God to blame for my hurt? Where did hurt originate? How should we view hurt today? Is there an answer for my hurt?

Why Oneness?

What was the belief system in the Bible? What is the nature of God? What does the Bible say about Jesus being God?

Why Repentance?

Why do I need to repent? What does it mean to repent? Is repentance necessary for salvation?